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~/.subversion in svn

I have to do this way more often than I’d like, my home directory lives in svn, and my svn config comprises part of my home directory. The upshot is that subversion likes to make blank data if none already … Continue reading

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New box: Juggernaut

I’ve been working on getting Juggernaut up and running for a couple weeks now and have promised a few people pictures and a summary of what’s going on… so here we have it. I was lucky enough to be given … Continue reading

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Transparent logging socks proxy in bash

It’s a quick one, but something I bashed (haha, get it?) up quickly for a coworker. First, make a socket Then bind a listening socket (Your netcat implementation may need -p before the port), tee the data back to your … Continue reading

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Haikuports ii-1.6 package (with SSL!)

I’ve been playing with different operating systems on my netbook, trying to find a fun one to suite it  and I’ve come across Haiku (alpha3.)  It seems that Haikuports is the primary package manger Haiku and all it includes for … Continue reading

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Panda Hacktop

This is by no means a new mod ( ), but it’s new to me. Enough with the words, on with the pichas: The matrix thing running is , but also very buggy.

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Grub Embedding, blocklists and bios_grub partitions

This has tripped me up so many times, and the parted invocation needed to fix it is hard to find on google. The issue is that with GPT, grub won’t have room to embed all of it’s needed files, leading … Continue reading

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