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I like computers... A lot. So I tend to spend a lot of time doing varied things with them. Often you'll find me playing with Python or PHP, fighting with operating systems, ranting about some off-the-wall concept, or preparing for zombies.

ESXi 4.0 – Management Methods

Be it at work or at home, I spend a lot of time in virtual environments consisting mostly of ESXi (3.5 and 4.0.) As part of the psych0tic network I run, an ESXi 4.0 box that’s currently running our IRC as well as the psych0tik GSProxy. Managing these environments is a task in itself, and I’ve found that no one tool gives me all of the functionality that I need. In this post, I go through some free methods I use to manage my ESXi 4.0 host and guests. Continue reading

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CSI releases first in a new series of whitepapers

The Cyber Secure Institute (CSI), a group looking to raise awareness about cyber security, has released it’s first whitepaper in a new series about cyberwar. This whitepaper, written by retired USAF General Eugene Habiger, addresses the need for a new … Continue reading

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Anonymous browsing or being a web ninja

These days it seems like everyone is looking at what you do online. Online advertisers make money from the ads placed on your site, but they also gather statistics about all your visitors for their own purposes. Search engines store … Continue reading

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proxyElite moving to psych0tik

Those of you who’ve followed this site for a while may remember the proxyElite project that richo and I started a few years ago. The concept was to provide a list of fast, working, stable proxies by constantly checking the … Continue reading

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The password problem

Odds are good if you’ve reached this blog, you have an account on at least one website somewhere on the wild wild web. This account could be on a web application ranging from something as critical as a finical institution … Continue reading

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My new friend Larry…

Today while I was working on reorganizing some of my wiki, I received an unexpected message from a fellow internet user, a friend going by the name of “Larry.” Below is my conversation with Larry, who refused to give even … Continue reading

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