threaded mutt on OSX

Just a warning- brace yourselves. I’m back on OSX as a result of the new job, and so a slew of “OSX is dicks” posts is probably on the horizon.

First up- homebrew is actually not all that bad. It only took me a weekend to get a workableish environment up with recent versions of everything I need. One thing that irked me to no end though, was lack of support for threading conversations like I used to get in Debian.

After quickly cloning the Debian repo and building it on OSX.. no dice. So evidently it’s some unique combination of the Debian patchset and the correct compile options. This managed to take me 3 days, by the time I worked out the correct options, got it to build with clang, shuffled a patch around to unbreak some inlined functions (No idea how that ever built in the first place, actually..)

The short version though, is that if you want your very own mutt that threads messages, it’s as simple as

brew install --HEAD

Which pulls from the psych0tik clone of mutt (I’m slowly moving all of the packages available in the psych0tik apt repo to the psych0tik GH account)

Ninja edit:

It’s more than likely that you want the latest version of this brew which does a lot more to make sure it’ll actually work. I suggest fetching the features/upstream_mutt branch from

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