Openbox gets a faux-Divvy mode


For some time now I’ve used openbox as my WM of choice (I worked it out the other day, it’s about a year since I migrated) and apart from needing to add one feature, it meets my needs pretty perfectly.


One thing I did learn during the epic OSX wager though, was that divvy is a cool idea. Having the idea to quickly snap windows to segmented regions of your display can be a boon for people sitting between the floating and tiling models. I did feel that the Divvy implementation was a bit clumsy though, which meant I should…..

Them codes

This creates a set of bindings rooted off a modifier key (I used Windows+Escape because it’s a natural shape for my hands but far away from something I can hit by accident) and then used the nethack vi bindings because they’re drilled deep into my brain.

You’ll also see the `Warp` action attached to all of them.. if you’re not running my fork (which is still unmerged upstream, my fault) you’ll want to remove them unless you want to hear openbox be /very/ noisy about it.

From this you can do `W-Esc l` to place the current window on the right 50% of your screeen, `W-Esc y` for the top left, etc.

I think implemented modifiers, Shift for 66% and Ctrl for 34% for balanced splits. Tiling window managers (and even tmux, via the `next-layout` and `previous-layout` commands) support these, but I still need floating window support for the most part.

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