My new friend Larry…

Today while I was working on reorganizing some of my wiki, I received an unexpected message from a fellow internet user, a friend going by the name of “Larry.”

Below is my conversation with Larry, who refused to give even the most basic information. How he got my screen name, for example. His business seemed to be getting my credit card number, location, and even assistance in hacking!

I look forward to my next chat with Larry. He’s a nice enough guy, just a bit hard to understand.

[4:02] <icando ike> icando ike wants your attention!
[4:02] <icando ike> hi
[4:03] <icando ike> how are u doing?
[4:03] <icando ike> It larry
[4:03] <icando ike> Longtime
[4:03] <samurai> i think you’ve got the wrong number bub
[4:03] <icando ike> Lolz
[4:03] <icando ike> What do you have?
[4:04] <icando ike> Do you have CC?
[4:05] <samurai> why do you need to know that?
[4:05] <icando ike> I need it
[4:05] <icando ike> Dont you hack again
[4:05] <icando ike> ?
[4:05] <icando ike> Let me know
[4:06] <samurai> no
[4:06] <samurai> are you some sort of scam artist?
[4:06] <samurai> because you really suck at it
[4:06] <icando ike> okay Dude
[4:06] <samurai> im not giving you a CC #
[4:07] <samurai> im not helping you hack anything
[4:07] <icando ike> i see
[4:07] <icando ike> So what do you do now?
[4:07] <samurai> currently, i heard sheep
[4:08] <samurai> rough economy. gotta get work wherever you can man
[4:08] <samurai> thank god sheep are too dumb to sort things out for themselves… we’ll always need shepherds
[4:09] <icando ike> Thank right
[4:10] <samurai> so, unless you have some sheep
[4:10] <samurai> that need managing
[4:10] <samurai> i dont see that we have any further business together, larry was it?
[4:13] <samurai> are you a bot or a person?
[4:14] <icando ike> A person
[4:14] <icando ike> Where do you stay right?
[4:14] <samurai> where do i live?
[4:15] <icando ike> yeah
[4:15] <samurai> in an apartment
[4:16] <icando ike> I see
[4:16] <icando ike> Where are u Located?
[4:16] <samurai> you dont need to know that
[4:16] <icando ike> Lol
[4:16] <icando ike> You speak to me in a mannerfull way
[4:16] <icando ike> I need to know
[4:17] <samurai> why?
[4:17] <icando ike> Why??????????????
[4:17] <icando ike> Dont you read what i type
[4:17] <icando ike> ?
[4:17] <samurai> i did read what you typed… but you didnt give a reason
[4:18] <samurai> you’ve just demanded to know my location
[4:18] <samurai> i have no clue who you are buddy
[4:18] <samurai> or why you’re talking to me
[4:20] <icando ike> I see
[4:20] <icando ike> You seems to be a Pretender or what
[4:20] <icando ike> You are a Hacker,and we deak together as well
[4:20] <icando ike> Suddenly you never show up here
[4:21] <icando ike> I was lucky i found you today
[4:21] <samurai> show up where?
[4:21] <samurai> online
[4:21] <samurai> ?
[4:21] <icando ike> yes onine
[4:21] <icando ike> Then i told you i need Stuff
[4:21] <samurai> how did you get my screen name ?
[4:21] <icando ike> You saying things i dont Understand
[4:22] <icando ike> Guess you Dude,Seem you dont Read what i type
[4:22] <samurai> i like you larry
[4:22] <samurai> you make me smile
[4:23] <icando ike> Thanks Andrew .dude
[4:23] <samurai> ;)
[4:24] <samurai> so you’re a hacker?
[4:25] <icando ike> Question or what
[4:26] <icando ike> Are u pulling my Legs or what the hell is happening here
[4:26] <samurai> that’s what i’d like to know
[4:27] <samurai> so you’re a hacker?
[4:28] <icando ike> yes..why asking
[4:28] <samurai> are you a good hacker?
[4:28] <samurai> are you 1337?
[4:28] <icando ike> Common i hate all this Pracks
[4:29] <icando ike> Enough of this
[4:29] <samurai> what is your business with me larry?
[4:30] <icando ike> Dude i’m off
[4:30] <samurai> okay
[4:30] <samurai> enjoy your evening larry
[4:30] <samurai> talk to you later :)

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I like computers... A lot. So I tend to spend a lot of time doing varied things with them. Often you'll find me playing with Python or PHP, fighting with operating systems, ranting about some off-the-wall concept, or preparing for zombies.
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3 Responses to My new friend Larry…

  1. Tom says:

    ;D reading this made me lough ;D BTW. Only Samurai, can u add me on msn? I have some questions i would like to ask you ;D it wont be anything stupid like in this post :D Thankx.

  2. MoshBat says:

    I had the exact same guy (well, he sounds exactly the same) talk to me, requesting “CC”, took a while to figure out what exactly he was after.
    And the best way to deal with these kinda folk is tell them they’ve actually bumped into a Law Enforcement officer (Police, simply).
    Hilarity will ensue.

  3. Abhishek says:

    Made me laugh………….

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