Reading Rainbow: Episode 9

Virtual machine’s use unique MAC addresses to access the internet. This article provides a listing of their identifiers so that you may asertain whether or not a particular machine is within a Virtual machine.

Botnets are no new threat and neither is the way they are used. The article shows some statics on just how powerful they are and what sorts of damages they are doing. The second link provided is from SANS and discusses a proactive, rather than reactive way to deal with the possibility of infection. The final link provided shows how bot herders are using their destructive potential to make money. With such a lucrative business in place it puts more and more pressure on security professionals to take the next step in securing their systems.….9472&hilite=….Con-Game-63357.html

Again we find proof that hackers are compromising government systems and using the data attained to raise problems. What is possibly more disturbing is the government’s continuing lax efforts to deal with the issue at hand. It seems that just pushing it under the carpet is the defacto method of dealing with these problems, when the correct approach should be to deal with the problem at the source. Here we see that Chinese hackers actually managed to gain access to dissident lists and actually managed to find the people on those lists.….ZaBwez4_gq7mwD918ATTG0

Mozilla’s Firefox 3 was supposed to come packaged with “private browsing” a “no digital trail” method of surfing the net, however; because of the amount of code affected by this options it has been released without this feature.

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