Reading Rainbow: Episode 6

I played with both of these plugins. The view formated source one didn’t do a whole lot for me, but the view source chart was a great improvement. It makes checking out HTML much easier, and with the added ability to collapse various blocks of code it makes it easier to sort through just what I want.

A friend asked me a few months ago to help him uninstall Internet Explorer 7 and it was more than a pain. Here is a great explanation of how to do it painlessly.

As security becomes more mainstream, solutions grow beyond the capabilities of do-it-yourself solutions. Here is discussed various ways to keep current and secure, without sacrificing stability and redundancy.

As hacking becomes “more popular,” or perhaps simply easier with the availability of tools, proper attacks are not the elegant assaults of yesteryear. Now, brute force attacks are run simply because the tool is easily downloadable and anyone with an internet connection and a target can attempt to crack user accounts. Discusses her further is an example of just this situation.

I saw this site on a forum and it’s really wonderful. Has texts on all sorts of programming languages, networking, the works.

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2 Responses to Reading Rainbow: Episode 6

  1. Rezert says:

    Wow, uninstalling IE 7! I soooo wanna do this. Not only is it IE but it’s soooo much slower than 6…

  2. Kenneth says:

    Thanks for the link of all the programming texts, that is a MASSIVE library of information.

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