Reading Rainbow: Episode 1

Welcome to the Reading Rainbow. Here I plan on making a weekly post of what I’ve been reading and short commentaries on some of the articles.

For those of you too young to get the joke: , yes, I actually watched that show as a kid.

This weeks reading:

Security Risk Management – A different paradigm for a risk management model. Interesting read but not a whole lot of technical specifics.

Windows Still Phone’s Home – Jaqui Greenlees pops open a windows .DLL and finds some interesting ‘features’.

Your Next Text Message Could Be From the FCC – The FCC are looking to use text messaging as an alert system for national trouble, Amber alerts, and weather updates.

Sorry this weeks was short, I want to release on Sundays and I just set up wordpress today. Next week’s will be longer.

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I like computers... A lot. So I tend to spend a lot of time doing varied things with them. Often you'll find me playing with Python or PHP, fighting with operating systems, ranting about some off-the-wall concept, or preparing for zombies.
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  1. I spy with my little eye, a blogging employee!

    Man that was way too fun. Good list sir :D

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